Is your product genuine?

In the world we live in today, we are surrounded by products and services trying to come up to consumer needs as a competition. Every brand sends out a different promise and commitment to reserve its throne in the consumer market as the most trusted brand. Branded products are beginning to tear each other up in order to uphold their value. How do you know yours is genuine?

Why verify if it’s genuine?

When buying branded products, a customer will most of the time not pay much heed to the price tag if they’re loyal to the brand. Becoming a victim to counterfeit products at such a level of loyalty is an exploitation of the customer’s rights and desires. It is by law a punishable offence but the marketplace if full of counterfeits being sold for the same price tag but poor quality. It is then you, as a customer’s job to verify if spending your assets is worth on something that might not turn out to be as promised.

How to verify if it’s genuine?

· The quality of the product (e.g stitching in case of garments) will be self explanatory. Pay close attention.

· Verify the bar-code. If willing to go to that length, your smart-phone can be your best help.

· Keep an eye out for flawed fonts and logos. A brand loyal consumer would know in a glimpse but if you are not one, there is no shame in asking the retailer.

· Contact details would be absent, mostly.

· A counterfeit product would be accompanied by flimsy packaging and accessories.

What to do?

When you come across a counterfeit product, it your duty to confront the retailer and also leave a message for the original brand and bring it to their attention. Don’t buy it (even if it’s cheap). Say no to counterfeits!